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July 41, 2024Community Network Kick OffA button?
August 83, 2024Documentation?A button?
September, 2024Creative Aging NetworkingA button?
November, 2024New Research on AgingA button?
January, 2025Creative Aging NetworkingA button?

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Featured Resources

Post-program Participant Survey- NYSCA

Participation Guidelines, Community Agreements, Zoom Protocol

Ashton Applewhite Ted Talk Video: Let’s End Ageism

Becoming aware of what different people think about age-related terms, so-called “niceties,” and what they actually LIKE about aging, will be helpful as you put together program plans and grant applications.

Promotional Credit & Logos – NYSCA

Curriculum and Budget Development- NYSCA

Creative Aging Essentials: Final Assignment [TEST]

Responsive Programming: Facility, Community, and Patrons (CAE)

Learn how to design responsive programming, make the best artform choices for your facility, and assess your community for possible partnerships.

Culminating Event Development for Teaching Artists (CAE)

Learn about how, as a teaching artist, you can identify goals and structure; prepare your learners; plan your culminating event size; and connect with students after the culminating event.

Best Practices in In-Person Curriculum Design (CAE)

Learn how to develop your curriculum for your in-person program. We will explore some best practices in developing a program title, description, goals and objectives, and the culminating event.

Evaluation Protocols (CAE)

Learn about how evaluation tools can help you design, manage, and understand the effectiveness of your creative aging program. You’ll learn about the role of the program manager and the importance of class session observations, participant and audience surveys, interviews, and program documentation.

Culminating Event Development for Organizations (CAE)

Learn about how your organization can assist in planning a culminating event; identifying goals and structure; understanding the size and scope; involving the students; and designing an effective event that suits everyone’s needs.

Program Implementation and Participant Retention (CAE)

Learn about how program implementation supports participant retention; the high-touch approach; and the importance of having staff and facility support when preparing your program.

Planning for Recruitment (CAE)

In this lecture, you will learn the importance of how to successfully recruit participants for your creative aging program. We will explore how to develop an engaging curriculum and how to use imagery and media channels to promote your program.

S.A.F.E. Planning for Older Adults (CAE)

Learn about the components of S.A.F.E. (Skills, Assessment, Feedback, and Engagement) planning and how to apply these components when designing and implementing your creative aging program.

Defining a Teaching Artist (CAE)

Learn about the qualifications and intangible qualities of a teaching artist and how to recruit a teaching artist for your creative aging program.

The Importance of Partnerships (CAE)

Learn how to identify existing and new partnerships and gain their support with your creative aging programming efforts. Additionally, you will learn about cross-sector partnerships and the SU-CASA Model.

Perspectives on Ageism (CAE)

Becoming aware of what different people think about age-related terms, so-called “niceties,” and what they actually LIKE about aging, will be helpful as you put together program plans and grant applications.

Experiencing Ageism (CAE)

Let’s take a look at ageism. How can we process our feelings about aging to better support older adults in program settings?

What is Creative Aging? (CAE)

Creative aging is not just a concept and a program model, but also an emerging field in which a variety of organizations are providing meaningful opportunities for creative expression through visual literary, music, and performing arts programming.

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