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Creative Aging 101 from Lifetime Arts provides an overview of the field and an introduction to the program model in about an hour’s time. You are free to move through the content sequentially or skip around and access what is of interest. Let’s get started.

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We have developed four resources that may be helpful to you as you begin to gather people and information related to offering Creative Aging programming in your community. These resources are available in the relevant sections above, but also available here for your convenience.

Adapting Creative Aging Course Design for Remote Program Delivery (PDF)

This add-on resource addresses topics such as: art form, class size, suggested curriculum adaptations, adult learning, synchronous vs. asynchronous delivery, technology considerations, and social engagement ideas.

Building Creative Aging Ideas Worksheet (PDF) (For Teaching Artists)

Teaching Artists may use this tool to assess their interest in working with older adults, the assets and skills they may employ to teach them, and curricular adaptations they might need to make.

Translating Visions into Plans Worksheet (PDF)

Organizations may use this worksheet to identify what they already do, and what key partnerships they already have in place that might support the development of Creative Aging programming.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet (PDF)

This resource contains a detailed list of roles, responsibilities, and tasks to use as the basis for a planning discussion, especially when meeting with potential program partners.

Seeding Creative Aging in Your Organization Worksheet (PDF)

Organizations might use this list of ideas as inspiration to start to build a culture within their community that is supportive of creative aging efforts.