Honolulu Museum of Art: Creative Aging Foundations Training for Teaching Artists

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June 16, 2023 from 9am-4pm HST
Honolulu Museum of Art School, 1111 Victoria Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

We hope you enjoyed this training as part the Honolulu Museum of Arts’ creative aging initiative made possible through E.A. Michelson Philanthropy’s Vitality Arts Project for Art Museums.

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Please review the following prior to training:

“Creative Aging: the essentials” [3:06]

Training Description:

This 6-hour training will take teaching artists through the Lifetime Arts Creative Aging Foundations course. We will cover:

  • Current research on arts and aging
  • Inherent biases about aging
  • Best practices in the field
  • What’s different about adult learning
  • How to apply K-12 arts ed expertise to 55+
  • How to develop responsive programming that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable
  • The planning, implementation, and sustainability of successful programming
  • Developing impactful cross-sector and community partnerships
  • How to deliver both in-person and remote programming

In addition to covering the topics included in the core Creative Aging Foundations training, this course for teaching artists also will feature the examination and demonstration of approaches for teaching adult learners and to the development of skill-based, sequential lessons for older adults. Additional curricular topics include:

  • Exemplary programming from across this growing field across artistic disciplines
  • Embedding intentional social engagement activities 
  • Impact of ageism on creative aging program design and delivery
  • Best practices in both in-person and remote programming
  • Creative aging curriculum development
  • Partnering with older adult communities

This training includes the following demonstration classes:

  1. Collage with Antonia Perez
Lead Trainers:
This is a headshot of Julie Kline, Lifetime Arts' Director of Education & Training.
Julie Kline, Director of Education and Training
This is a headshot of Antonia Perez, Lifetime Arts Trainer.
Antonia Perez, Lifetime Arts Trainer
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Post-training Resources

Combatting Ageism
Teaching artist resources for in-person & remote programs:
Research supporting the creative aging arts education model:
Technology support & accessibility considerations: