Creative Aging Foundations On Demand has been made possible through generous support from E.A. Michelson Philanthropy and the New York State Council on the Arts. The development and production of this service is credited to the The development and production of this service is credited to Lifetime Arts staff and consultants, as well as teaching artists, arts organization staff, and senior service organization staff. 

Lifetime Arts Staff

  • Saul Baizman, Web Developer
  • Liza Cucco, Project Manager
  • Jacqueline DuMont, Digital Media Producer
  • Gahlia Eden, Education Producer
  • Heathier Ikemire, Deputy Director
  • Julie Kline, Director of Education & Training
  • Nathan Majoros, Director of Programs
  • Shannon McDonough, Former Deputy Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Annie Montgomery, Senior Education Designer & Trainer
  • Maura O’Malley, CEO/Co-Founder
  • Bonnie Rubrecht, Consultant
  • Diantha Dow Schull, Consultant
  • Victoria Sunko, Controller
  • David Woehr, Program Manager

Lifetime Arts Trainers

  • Daniela Del Giorno
  • Asma Feyijinmi
  • Clark Jackson
  • Jade Lam
  • Vinny Mraz
  • Penelope McCourty
  • Lynda Monick-Isenberg
  • Antonia Perez
  • Rhynna M. Santos
  • Dane Stauffer

Voices From the Field

  • Elizabeth Anker, Teaching Artist
  • Robin Bady, Teaching Artist
  • Ed Friedman, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Lifetime Arts (Retired)
  • Kate Houston, Arts and Aging Program Manager, CommonBond Communites
  • Abigail Jefferson, Arts Educator
  • Lauren Jost, Teaching Artist
  • Laura Marceca, Associate Director of Older Adult Services, Greenwich House
  • John McEneny, Artistic Director, Piper Theatre Productions
  • Lily Nguyen, Former Director of the Performing Arts Institute, Stagebridge
  • Julius Rhea, Interim Director of Programming, Stagebridge
  • Carol Sterling, Teaching Artist
  • Thelma Thomas, Teaching Artist