Share Program Documentation

We strongly recommend that you document the class for use in promotional and fundraising efforts. We also need your help in documenting your programming so that we can assist in securing future funding for projects that we might do together in the future.

Ideally, photo, audio, or video documentation is done with the assistance of professionals on your staff, or those whom your system may hire. It is often the case that the teaching artist and the library programmer are taking photos and video with their own devices.

However the documentation is approached, it is necessary to first ask permission of your participants. As you may know, it is often easiest to ask people to opt “out” vs. “in.” If any participants do opt out for any reason, please exclude their voices, images, and possibly creative work from your documentation process.

Documentation Release

Please have all participants review and sign this release form on the first day of the program series (or the first time they are in attendance). If anyone opts out of completing the waiver, do not include them in any documentation.

We will provide upload links for each program site so that you can share your photos, images, or audio documentation files with us.